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The National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health (NEBOSH) is a leading global organisation, which provides health, safety and environmental qualifications. NEBOSH internationally recognised qualifications help to raise the competence of safety and environmental professionals as well as individuals at all levels in the workplace. NEBOSH qualifications are highly respected by governments, employers and our learners.

Tens of thousands of people from more than 170 countries study for a NEBOSH qualification every year, learning with our network of over 450 Learning Partners.


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The Student Policy is intended to assist the Institute in enabling students to achieve their learning potential. ITIL recognizes the investment that students make, both in time and money, in choosing to pursue the Award Courses programme and, as a responsible Institution, believes it has a duty to follow-up promptly on matters of non-attendance, assignments submission and online learning participation so that students can be supported and given every opportunity to succeed
This policy applies to all students enrolled for the Award Courses such as NEBOSH or City & Guilds operated by ITIL.
A record of attendance will be kept for all students. All students must attend all scheduled and arranged tuition sessions, whether face to face or through internet. Sessions such as Assessment tests, Assignment presentation and induction sessions are compulsory.   The Institute reserves the right to refuse participation to examination for student with less than 75% attendance without any refund.
Online Learning
Where a student cannot attend classes, online courses may be accessible for a maximum of 3 lessons:
  • Students will be provided a username and password
  • No sharing of account is allowed and a student’s account may be cancelled and the student not registered for examinations if found in breach of this policy.
Copyright laws apply to the contents of the website which must be used only for the purpose intended. If a student is found in breach with this policy, he may have his account discontinued; registration cancelled and will also be liable to prosecution under copyright laws.
Learner policy
All Students should
  • Always read the notes before face to face sessions to be able to participate fully.
  • Effectively manage their time and complete learning activities within time limit stated
  • Ensure that they have access to computer, internet connection
  • Any important communication (notification of absence, registration or deregistration etc) must be done via e-mail ( or in writing submitted to the centre.
  • Be polite and respectful while communicating via forum, e-mail, etc
 Class Representative
To facilitate communication, a class representative will be elected, his role will be to:
  • Communicate information to the class
  • Liaise with the tutor concerning any issues arising among students
  • Coordinate learning activities
 Timetabled Commitments
Students should check their timetable as soon as it is available and ensure that they understood what is expected from them.Reading of notes must be done before attending classes and student should attempt all allocated homework and assignments.

Deadlines given by the tutor for submission of learning activities (such as lesson learning questions, past exams questions, presentations, assignments and homework) must be adhered to.

 Any difficulties in meeting deadlines must be notified in writing with appropriate evidence to

Students should check email communications regularly for information that may include important timetabling changes or any additional assignments and notes.

 Absence from Classes
Students should notify the Institute in writing of any absence from compulsory classes
For longer periods of absence, where there is a likely negative impact upon study, or when the absence falls at a time of assessment and the student wishes to request concessions, the student must give written notification to the institute on with appropriate evidence (such as a medical certificate).
 Action in the event of non Attendance or non-completion of learning activities
Where there is systematic and persistent non attendance, where students fail to submit learning activities, where they take an excessive time to complete learning activities or during long period of unexplained inactivity:
  • Students are unlikely to receive a sympathetic hearing from the Director of Studies
  • We reserve the right to withdraw candidates from their learning programme (without refunding course fees)
Students should arrive on time for classes. Late arrival causes disruption to other class members and is unfair to the tutor.
Students Data Protection Policy
We use personal information to
  • Process applications
  • Provide services to applicants and students
  • Carry out research and surveys to help us plan and improve our services
  • Produce statistical information
We will not share candidate personal data with external agencies.If candidates are sponsored by their employer, we will provide the employer with progress and grade information only following a specific request.We are committed to the data-protection principles of good practice for handling information. All personal information is held in secure computer and manual files.
ITIL Data Protection Policy
Any material provided by the Institution is copyrighted and should not be disclosed, photocopied or forwarded to any third party.
Students have no right to make photocopy at the Institute without approval from the Director of Studies.
Students have a restricted access to areas (Director and staff office), equipment (e.g. computers, photocopy machine).
Use of any storage device (CD-Rom, USB, disks, etc) on any computer provided at the Institute is strictly prohibited.
Payment Policy
We require that the full course fees be settled before we register a candidate for examinations.
No notes will be given for students who failed to pay as per agreement with the Institute
 A summary of fees applicable (cancellation, retaking examinations, etc…) will be provided upon request.
Processing of Applications:
There is a mandatory processing fee of Rs500/- for award courses. No application will be processed, unless accompanied with appropriate payment and relevant documents. This fee in non-refundable.
This is no processing fees for non-award courses.
Refund of Tuition Fees:
(a) Before Programme of Study Starts:
If written notice of withdrawal is received less than seven (7) calendar days after the contract is made and only 10% of tuition materials are issued to the student before the start of a program of study, the institution may retain up to 15% of the total fees due under the programme contract.
(b) After Programme of Study Starts:
After the first 10% of the program’s duration; if the institution receives written notice of withdrawal, or the School dismisses a student, the institution may retain 30% of the total fees due under the contract. This percentage is likely to increase depending on the percentage of tuition materials issued to the student.
After 30% of the program’s duration, if a student withdraws or is dismissed by the School after 30% of the program’s duration, no refund is provided.

No refund will be given to students who received all the set of notes or who chose to benefit from the discounted cost of the program.
Cancellation of an examination
Should a student wish to cancel his registration for an examination, he/she should do so formally in writing to the course director as soon as he takes this decision.
The reason for not taking the examination should be genuine and satisfactory justification needs to be submitted to NEBOSH to explain the inability of the candidate.
Neither fees nor registrations are transferable.
A non-refundable cancellation fee will be applicable.
Referred in an examination
Should a student be referred (failed) in an examination, he/she should formally confirm in writing his intention of retaking the examination at least six weeks before the registration date for the next examinations.
The student may be required to attend additional lectures to be registered and failure to do so may nullifying the examination registration.
We shall notify each student the results of their examination either directly by phone or personally at the centre or through registered post in due time.
We will not issue the results by email or to any third party due to confidentiality issues. However, in case of a sponsored candidate we may disclose the results to the sponsor at our own discretion.
Your final certificates will be sent to the address you provide at the time of registration. Otherwise, the certificates may be personally collected from our centre as soon as we receive them.
Damages & Theft
Students shall be liable to pay for any damages caused to centre’s equipment. And sanctions shall be taken against students proven of theft.


to comply with
Course Requirements


 I have read the terms and conditions of the ITIL Policy and Requirements for the Award courses offered by the institute and I hereby formally undertake to comply with the all the rules and procedures applicable for the  courses. I have clearly understood that:
1.         I shall do my utmost to attend at least 75% of the tuition and tutorial classes and shall give good and sufficient reasons to justify any absence from such classes.
 2.         I shall regularly carry out homework and assignments allocated to me to a standard acceptable to the tutors.
 3.         It is a mandatory requirement for all students to take at least 5 routine assessments and any mock examinations arranged by the Institute.
I fully understand that ITIL reserves the right to withdraw student from the learning programme and refuse participation in NEBOSH examination for failure to meet any of the requirements of the policy.
I further understand that NO refund will be made to students if all the notes are provided or benefitted a discounted price or fail to comply on any of the above grounds.

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